Yes to candid photos of the moments when emotions are running high (in the best possible way).

Yes to capturing the exquisite little details that took time, energy & even money.

Yes to the posed shots that your family wants—and not-so-secretly, you know that you do too.

It’s your wedding—you literally get to have your cake & eat it too.

New Orleans wedding photography for couples who want an experience—not just an event

Polaroids: No introduction needed. I’ll forever love Polaroids for how they capture a moment and then deliver on it. Plus, Polaroid film is uniquely temperature-sensitive, which makes each photo that much more unique.

35mm film: The stuff you remember from childhood—rolls of Kodak and disposable cameras with that little wheel. Peak nostalgia with that classic grainy film look, and there’s something special about waiting to get scans back.

I work with 2 types of film, each with its own inherent charm:

Film photography is undergoing a renaissance right now, and I’m thrilled about it. As a longtime champion of film, I believe it has warmth and texture that digital can’t always match. 

about film?

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Van + Cindy

Reliving our memories is so easy with her photos and Polaroids. We had the absolute treat of working with her twice, for both engagement and wedding. We’ll never forget those days, thanks to Olivia!

Olivia is absolutely worth working with. 

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— Timeline collaboration
— Multiple planning touchpoints
— Digital gallery & printing rights
— Film & Polaroid scans

No matter what, you’ll always get:

On average, couples who work with me spend $6000—$10k on photography for their wedding.

Your package will be customized based on the coverage you need & the type(s) of film (if any) that I’ll be bringing to the party.

The question on the tip of your tongue…

If you’re hiring me, it’s because you want a wedding photographer who’s also deeply creative. Part of that is being a little spontaneous, and taking a few risks along the way. You’re not going to be disappointed in the results.

…but also rolling with the punches

I’m a creative, but not the run-late, oops-I–missed-that kind of creative. I’m a firm believer in open communication, promptness, and making sure the little details are taken care of.

Running a tight ship…

My commitment to diversity isn’t just rhetoric. I’ve dedicated my time and energy to learning how to pose, light, and edit couples and their loved ones who have a variety of skin tones.

photographing with the care you deserve

Maybe I’m going to pull you aside and ask you to duck into an alcove for five minutes. Maybe I arrange a private last dance with the DJ. It’s never the same twice, but I’m always seeking (and finding) ways for my couples to savor a quiet peaceful moment together.

Carving out an oasis of calm for the two of you

I pride myself on:

Lilly + Garrett

I said to myself if I was going to splurge on anything, it was going to be the photos without a doubt because I just HAD to have you.

The pictures are absolutely stunning (as expected!!)

I’m an open book.

Have something else on your mind?

I like film, but how do I know what film I like?

You don’t have to know! When we meet to discuss your wedding vision, I can give you a crash course in the 4 types I work with and show you some examples.

We’re not from New Orleans. Can you help us out?

One hundred percent. I’m a transplant to New Orleans myself, and I’ve put in the work to discover cool places, build a network of like-minded wedding creatives, and navigate the city like a pro.

Do you photograph weddings outside New Orleans?

Absolutely—summers here are intense, so you’ll find me in Michigan when it’s off-season in New Orleans. I also travel regularly to Hawaii.

And if you’re getting married somewhere else and want me along for the ride, let’s talk.

Sometimes we don’t know what to do with ourselves in front of a camera. Can you help?

If the answer were no, I wouldn’t be much of a wedding photographer.

I tell my couples that they’ll never be at a loss for what to do, but there’s also no right or wrong way to interpret my instructions. And once we’ve been at it for a bit, I’ll melt into the background and let you be yourselves.

Can we see a full gallery?

Yes! I know that consistency is everything, and I want you to feel confident that what you see is what you’re going to get, so I have no problem sharing a full gallery upon request.

Do you photograph elopements?

Of course—if you’re interested in a weekday elopement, reach out and we’ll talk through my hourly coverage rates (depending, as always, on whether you want film and what type).

P.S. New Orleans is brimming with incredible spots to elope, from the courthouse itself to the retro vibes of the French Quarter Wedding Chapel. (Want to see what I mean?)

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