THREE THINGS TO DO WHEN PICKING A LOCATION FOR AN ADVENTUROUS WEDDING – Kim + Kibbee’s Intimate Beachside Wedding // Big Talbot Island, Jacksonville FL


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Kim + Kibbee got married at Big Talbot Island in Jacksonville FL surrounded by their closet family and friends. They are both beach volleyball players, making it fitting to tie the knot on sand with no shoes 🙂

Kim is originally from Michigan, and though the couple lives in Florida now, many of their guests travelled to the Sunshine State to celebrate with them. Kim and Kibbee also travelled from the west side of Florida to get married in Jacksonville, where Kim went to school, making this a puesdo-destination wedding for everyone!

Weddings like this are MY FAVORITE – intimate ceremonies, non-traditional day-of timelines and locations, low-key wedding days, and of course, beautiful scenery.

There were a few key things that Kim + Kibbee did to make their intimate wedding at an outdoor, non-venue location run as smoothly as it did, so this post will go over three of THE BEST THINGS YOU CAN DO IF YOU PLAN ON GETTING MARRIED IN AN ADVENTUROUS AND/OR DESTINATION LOCATION, WITH GUESTS!



Ok ok I know this goes without saying, but if you’re wanting to do a “destination” ish wedding, be sure to do your research on the location, especially if you are planning on not securing an actual venue (i.e., saying your vows on a beach, mountain top, National Park.. etc).

Questions to consider:
1. Do I need a permit to use this space and are there any restrictions? Many National Parks and public beaches actually require permits to use and photograph the area for wedding ceremonies! They are pretty simple to obtain, but making sure that you are within the rules of the location will be vital in making there are no hiccups day of! Many spots have guest restrictions and stipulations on music and set up (think arches, florals, etc.). Though you may never run into an issue if you don’t have the proper permit – it’s still better to be safe than sorry!
2. Is this spot accessible for the guests that I am inviting? Example: you’re dying to get married at the top of a mountain that takes 4 hours of hiking to get to, but some of your guests have physical limitations. Thinking of the guests that you want to be there and if the spot is accessible to them is a great way to make them feel cared for and considered.. and actually able to attend!
3. Will the time of day impact the location I am planning on using? In the case of Kim + Kibbee, this beach on Big Talbot Island can change drastically depending on what time of day it is due to the tide. Making sure to check things like the tide schedule, sun rising and setting will not only make sure that your ceremony runs smoothly, but also the safety of you and your guests!


Ok this also goes without saying for pretty much every wedding, but if you’re wanting to do an intimate destination wedding in an adventurous location, make sure your vendors are DOWN WITH THAT!

Just like doctors specialize in certain types of medicine, many wedding vendors specialize in *types* of weddings! For example, if you pick a floral designer who specializes in providing and installing florals for large indoor ceremonies, or doesn’t have the ability to transport the florals to a non-traditional ceremony site, you could be in a tricky situation.

From a fellow wedding service provider standpoint, the other vendors that I worked with on this wedding were not only able to take on an adventurous wedding like this, but they *literally* crushed it! Especially Floral Designs by Kari – she worked SO HARD in the beach set up as well as the reception dinner. Working with her made the day run so smooth for not only myself but for Kim + Kibbee as well!

Vendors that made this wedding awesome
Hair: @rubysohospa
Macrame: @knottybykasey
Dinner: @_marker32
Drinks & Dancing: @casamarinahotel

#3 (and potentially the most important thing to consider) MAKE SURE THE LOCATION YOU PICK REFLECTS “YOU”

Y’all – I’m going to give it to you straight – if you HATE the beach or getting dirt on your ankles, choosing to get married on a beach will leave you not only miserable on your wedding day but will also make your guests wonder why they are going to this location! Same goes for getting married on top of a mountain or any spot that allows for you to “work” to get there. If you’re not about breaking a sweat, braving the unpredictable elements of the outdoors, or “working” a bit to get to your location, consider that these are things you will 100% have to do the day of your wedding if you choose an adventurous location. It is ok if that is not for you!!

I get that ceremonies in adventurous spots look awesome in photos – they totally do! But that does not mean they are for everyone and that is 10000% OK!

For Kim + Kibbee – they live on the beach and permanently have grains of sand stuck to them. For them, it made so much sense to get married on a beach. They could have not picked a more perfect place.

Keep scrolling to see more of their day!

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