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Based in vivid New Orleans, I am a wedding and couples photographer capturing the honest, intimate, and unforgettable moments. I hope you enjoy some of my most recent adventures and stories worth sharing!

I’m Olivia.


Moving New Orleans Botanical Garden Wedding

June 24, 2022

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New Orleans weddings often lean into the city’s love of a good party, but sometimes I’m lucky enough to photograph weddings that feel more intimate and down to earth. Britt and Em’s New Orleans Botanical Garden wedding felt grounded in their enduring love. They celebrated their marriage with a small group of family and friends surrounded by flowers, succulents, and rain that ended up adding to the day’s cozy atmosphere.

Britt twirls beside Em under a green and pink plant-covered archway at their New Orleans Botanical Garden wedding.

Weathering Any Storm Together

Of all the couples I’ve photographed, Britt and Em are some of the most capable of handling a stormy wedding day. During the ceremony under the oaks, the officiant mentioned that Britt and Em had already loved each other for “better or worse.” Since they’ve been together, they’ve supported each other through the pandemic, illness, and mourning. While there’s no guarantee that life won’t present more trials, Britt and Em clearly have the ability to navigate the storms side by side.

Blue shoes sit beside Britt's purse and jewelry.
Photos of Britt and Em sit around hand written vows.
Britt puts on her wedding dress.

Perhaps it’s because they’ve been through so much that Britt and Em are so at ease around one another. They’re the type of couple that barely need any prompting to pose. I’m always happy to help my clients when they feel unsure what to do in front of the camera, but Britt and Em were naturals. After the first look in the conservatory, Em wrapped their arms around Britt in the tenderest way. I love that these portraits show the overwhelming emotion of the moment and the way this couple can be serious as well as silly with each other. 

Pink lilies bloom in a pond.
Em waits in the conservatory for the first look.
Em puts their hands on Britt's waist at their New Orleans Botanical Garden wedding.
Britt and Em cuddle in the conservatory.

Images Rooted in the Earth

Since Britt and Em had a New Orleans Botanical Garden wedding, plants featured prominently in their photography. The images have a soft, earthy palette that feels just right for them. Even their outfits look like they were designed just for this wedding venue. Britt twirled under an arch of ferns and flowers revealing her dusty rose underskirt. In such an elegant moment, Britt and Em still felt connected to each other and to the place. 

The couple looks through the window of the cactus house.
Britt and Em stand in the middle of the cactus house at their New Orleans Botanical Garden wedding.
Britt and Em touch foreheads.

The fact that everything fell into place is no surprise because Britt and Em are some of the most intentional people I’ve ever met. Their intentionality shows up most when they’re together. They are light, energetic, and deeply rooted in their care for each other. You can see it in the way they hold hands and laugh together as they embrace.

Britt and Em stand on opposite sides of a conservatory room.
Britt and Em laugh as they walk through the garden.
Britt and Em hold hands.

I absolutely love photographing weddings in nature, so this New Orleans Botanical Garden wedding felt like the perfect fit for me. The rain made the oaks and groundcover shine emerald. Inside the conservatory, tropical plants towered in bold hues of green, pink, and yellow. It was a full sensory experience with beautiful plants everywhere and the smell of the rain on the grass.

Britt and Em run through a gate at their New Orleans Botanical Garden wedding.

A Moving New Orleans Botanical Garden Wedding

Britt and Em chose only to have immediate family present for their New Orleans Botanical Garden wedding ceremony. While they exchanged vows, it rained lightly. Instead of being a nuisance, it felt like a little blessing from the earth. The whole ceremony felt meaningful, intimate, and grounded in a way that few weddings are in New Orleans, a city known for rowdy parties.

Britt and Em stand under an oak tree for their ceremony.
Britt holds her handwritten vows.
Britt smiles at Em during their ceremony in the grass.

As the ceremony wrapped up, the rain started falling in earnest. Britt, Em, and their family moved from the oak tree into the conservatory where they were joined by more friends and family. No one minded the rain as they enjoyed each other’s company in the cozy conservatory. Don’t get me wrong. Britt and Em’s guests could party as well as any New Orleans crowd! This wedding felt special, though, because it was on such an intimate scale in a setting that invited people to spend time really connecting. 

Britt and Em hold hands during their ceremony.
Britt kisses Em at their New Orleans Botanical Garden wedding.
Britt and Em enter their conservatory wedding reception.

By the time Britt and Em’s reception came to a close, Britt had changed into a playful crop top and skirt and ditched her bright blue shoes. Their friends waved a rainbow of ribbons in the air, and Em swept Britt into a kiss. Like the rest of the night, their send off felt dreamy, joyful, and grounded at the same time.

Britt and Em cut their wedding cake.
Em feeds Britt cake.
Guests wave ribbons at the New Orleans Botanical Garden wedding.
Em and Britt kiss surrounded by their friends.

Are you planning a nature-centered celebration like this New Orleans Botanical Garden wedding? I would love to document your day. Reach out, and let’s make it official!

Thank you to the vendors who made Britt and Em’s wedding day possible:

Coordination: Becca Kelly and Company

Venue: New Orleans Botanical Garden

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