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Based in vivid New Orleans, I am a wedding and couples photographer capturing the honest, intimate, and unforgettable moments. I hope you enjoy some of my most recent adventures and stories worth sharing!

I’m Olivia.


Multicultural Indian and Colombian Wedding

November 4, 2022

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Tiffany and Andres didn’t have the most conventional journey to their wedding weekend. After dating for five years, they eloped in 2015. They decided to have a multicultural celebration for their families and friends in 2022, the same year their baby girl was born. Andres’ family is Colombian, and Tiffany’s is Indian. Their Indian and Colombian wedding included three days full of traditions that took place across New Orleans. 

A bride and groom kiss at the end of the aisle after their Indian and Colombian wedding ceremony.

An Indian and Colombian Wedding

Andres and Tiffany wanted their Indian and Colombian wedding to reflect both of their cultures as well as their love for New Orleans. Events took place Thursday through Saturday, and I was lucky enough to document the whole weekend. I loved working with Andres and Tiffany for three days because it gave me a chance to tell their story holistically from start to finish.

Tiffany puts her arm around her grandmother's shoulders beside the pool at Mazant.
Tiffany's grandmother holds her hand while they where their traditional saris.
An artist applies henna to a woman's hands during a Mehndi party in New Orleans.

The long weekend started with the Mehndi party. In this Indian tradition, women from both couples’ families come and celebrate the bride. Artists come and decorate people with elaborate henna designs that represent luck and fortune. The artists who attended this Mehndi party worked for over 12 hours! Tiffany’s family shared that Andres’ name would be hidden somewhere in the design as well. 

Wedding guests sit around a table in a brightly lit hotel.
Tiffany kisses her baby's head beside a window.
A woman in a pink sari holds out her hands to show traditional henna designs.

Tiffany’s Mehndi party took place at Mazant. Mazant was a fabulous property to host this event. It’s airy and spacious, and the large yard includes a beautiful pool. Guests spent time together and ate delicious food from Nirvana, a New Orleans Indian restaurant. While everyone was enjoying themselves, I took some solo portraits of Tiffany.

Wedding guests sit beside the pool during a Mehndi Party in the Bywater.
A tree casts shadows on Tiffany's blue sari as she looks to the side.
Tiffany looks over her shoulder in a grassy yard.

Andres and Tiffany’s Vibrant Posh Puja

On Friday, Andres and Tiffany’s Indian and Colombian wedding continued with the Posh Puja at Capulet. Friends and family gathered for an evening ceremony on the rooftop overlooking the Bywater. The Posh Puja was an event for the senses. Warm, bright colors were everywhere along with incredible smells from the food provided by La Cocinita and Tava. 

Wedding guests gather on the rooftop of Capulet in New Orleans.
Tiffany puts her arms around her friends beneath strings of lights.

My House Events did an incredible job honoring the different cultural components of this Indian and Colombian wedding. They knew exactly where to source the perfect food. My House Events works with unique New Orleans vendors. They often highlight LGBTQ and BIPOC creators as well. Whenever I photograph a wedding where the food is sourced by My House Events, I know I’ll eat well!

Empanadas and Indian appetizers sit on white plates.
Tiffany smiles at the Posh Puja ceremony.
Wedding guests sprinkle flower petals on a veil over a seated bride and groom.

At the Posh Puja ceremony, wedding guests wished the couple well by sprinkling flower petals over them. The couple sat under a veil while guests came up to share their blessings in the form of rose petals. Each petal represented a blessing. Tiffany was radiant in a crimson sari. Andres and she couldn’t have looked happier.

A bride and groom hold hands at a Posh Puja before an Indian and Colombian wedding.
A bride and groom kiss beneath a rose-covered veil at a Posh Puja ceremony at Capulet.

A Saturday Ceremony in City Park

For the final day of Andres and Tiffany’s Indian and Colombian wedding, they had a ceremony in City Park at the Pavilion of the Two Sisters. The Mehndi party and Posh Puja were traditional but had more relaxed party atmospheres. Saturday’s ceremony very much felt like the main event that everything else was leading up to.

Flowers and monstera leaves decorate an arch for a multicultural wedding.
A bride and groom stand between rows of hedges at New Orleans Botanical Garden.
Andres takes Tiffany's hand as they sit on a park bench.

We took some getting ready photos at Mazant. Tiffany looked stunning in a multi-colored sari. The floral pattern of her skirt fit so well with the setting at City park. Duia and Jean matched her florals perfectly too! Lush, vibrant flowers filled their bouquet and decorated the ceremony arch.

A groom rides a horse towards an Indian wedding ceremony.
A groom's wedding party dances as he rides a horse towards an Indian wedding ceremony in New Orleans City Park.
Andres smiles at Tiffany who walks towards where he stands under their wedding arch.
Seated wedding guests watch the multicultural wedding ceremony in front of a fountain.

Tiffany and Andres decided that they wanted to do an impromptu first look before their Indian and Colombian wedding ceremony. The light shone beautifully at this time at the Pavilion of Two Sisters. It lit everyone with a warm glow that matched everyone’s mood.

Tiffany puts a flower garland over Andres' head at their multicultural wedding ceremony.
Andres and Tiffany's mothers officiate their Indian and Colombian wedding ceremony.
A bride and groom put incense on a fire at the wedding altar.

In line with tradition, Andres entered the ceremony on a horse outfitted with a decorative bridle and harness. Family and friends paraded with him to the ceremony location. The wedding guests danced around him as he entered.

The couple walks in a circle at the wedding altar in City Park.
Tiffany holds hand-written wedding vows.
Andres kisses Tiffany at the end of the wedding ceremony in the botanical gardens.

The wedding ceremony melded the couple’s cultures so well. Both of their mothers officiated, and they were very intentional about incorporating the garland exchange and other pieces of their cultures that meant so much to them. As the sun set behind them, the trees and statue behind them seemed to glow. 

Tiffany walks with friends towards a wedding reception at the Pavilion of Two Sisters.
Tiffany stands in a line with her wedding party in traditional Indian wedding clothes.
A member of Kinfolk Brass Band plays a trombone.

After the ceremony, Tiffany and Andres celebrated their wedding in true New Orleans style with a second line and Louisiana cuisine. Kinfolk Brass Band kicked off the party with some irresistible music that got everyone on their feet. The whole reception honored the city they love.

Colorful flowers decorate a tiered wedding cake.
Tiffany kisses Andres on the cheek during wedding speeches.
A couple laughs while they dance at their New Orleans wedding reception.

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Thank you to all the vendors who made Andres and Tiffany’s wedding possible:

Mehndi (Thursday)

Venue: The Mazant

Food: Nirvana NOLA

Posh Puja (Friday)

Venue: Capulet

Coordination: My House Events

Food: Tava and La Cocinita 

Ceremony (Saturday)

Hair and Makeup: Bleu Blowdry Bar

Horse for the groom to arrive on: Mid-City Carriages

Food and Venue: Pavilion of Two Sisters

Florist: Aimee Murrah at Duia and Jean

DJ: DJ Prashant

Second Line Band: Kinfolk

Cake: Haydel’s Bakery

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