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Based in vivid New Orleans, I am a wedding and couples photographer capturing the honest, intimate, and unforgettable moments. I hope you enjoy some of my most recent adventures and stories worth sharing!

I’m Olivia.


Honeymoon Photoshoot in the French Quarter

December 2, 2022

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So many people work with photographers for engagement and wedding photos, but fewer treat their honeymoon as equally worthy of commemorating. Lauren and Eric’s French Quarter session shows just how powerful a honeymoon photoshoot can be. In this post, I share a peek into this session along with all the reasons it’s worth hiring a photographer to document your honeymoon.

Eric and Lauren sit on the stoop of a yellow French Quarter house in front of blue shutters.

Sunny French Quarter Photos

Newlyweds Lauren and Eric chose New Orleans for their honeymoon because they were excited to experience the culture, including the amazing food. This city is so full of history, art, and decadent food that it’s a great place to travel after a wedding. New Orleans also has endless locations that are perfect for a honeymoon photoshoot.

Eric and Lauren lean against a brown tile wall.
A newly wed couple crosses Canal Street in front of the red street car.

I met up with Eric and Lauren at the Eliza Jane, a boutique hotel in the CBD. We talked about what they wanted out of their photo experience, and I designed a path through the French Quarter. We walked past colorful historic homes and fern-covered balconies as we made our way towards the river. The weather and light couldn’t have been better.

Eric puts his arm around Lauren on a French Quarter sidewalk.
Eric leans down to kiss Lauren's cheek as they sit beside each other.

Lauren and Eric first found me through a blog post about an engagement session at Cafe Du Monde. They wanted this location to be the heart of their honeymoon photoshoot. Sometimes Cafe Du Monde can be crowded with long lines of people waiting to grab bags of fresh, sweet beignets. On the evening I was there with Lauren and Eric, we got lucky. The crowds were minimal, and a street performer played light jazz music on the sidewalk.

Eric holds Lauren's hand as they walk past a historic cottage during their honeymoon photoshoot.
Hanging ferns line a balcony with elaborate iron rails.
Lauren and Eric touch foreheads in the afternoon sunshine.

Cafe Du Monde is a fun place for couples photos because it’s fun and uniquely New Orleans. The green and white awning and fluffy white pastries are iconic. It’s also an easy place to relax and settle into an activity with your partner. Once the powdered sugar starts flying, it’s hard to take anything too seriously. From Cafe Du Monde, we walked over the riverfront. This spot along the Mississippi gives great views of the French Quarter and the river. 

A couple on their honeymoon holds hands and stands in the middle of a street.
Lauren and Eric hold hands and cross Decatur Street towards the green and white awning of Cafe Du Monde.

I took Polaroids throughout Lauren and Eric’s session. The warmth of the film has such a tangible quality. I love that they’re both immediate and have a vintage feel to them.

Polaroid photos show Lauren and Eric leaning against a brown wall.
Lauren and Eric embrace in front of the Cafe Du Monde awning.
Eric feeds Lauren a beignet on their New Orleans honeymoon.

4 Reasons to Have a Honeymoon Photoshoot

Working with Lauren and Eric showed me just how special a honeymoon photoshoot can be. There are so many reasons why professional images are a great way to commemorate this part of your wedding celebrations. Here are four of my favorites.

A couple picks up beignets off a plate.
Lauren leans forward over a coffee cup to bite a beignet.

1. Take the pressure off “getting a good photo.”

When you travel somewhere with as many iconic locations as New Orleans, it’s tempting to try to get “the photo” everywhere you go. A honeymoon photoshoot allows you to work with a photographer in the places that are most important to you. Throughout the rest of your honeymoon, you can relax and enjoy being present in those places without scrambling to find a stranger to take a phone photo.

A couple clinks their coffee cups over a plate of beignets.
Eric dips a beignet in his coffee cup.

2. See New Orleans from a local’s perspective.

Honeymoon destinations tend to have two worlds: one for tourists and one for locals. When you hire a local photographer, you get the local point of view. During their honeymoon photoshoot, Lauren and Eric kept saying how much they loved having a local to navigate the city and give inside tips. I loved recommending gems off the beaten path and showing them around some of my favorite places in the French Quarter!

Powdered sugar flies around as the couple eats beignets.
Lauren laughs and shows the powdered sugar stuck to her hands.

3. Dress up and treat it like a date.

Chances are that you’re bringing a favorite outfit on your honeymoon. Why not get dolled up and have a photo session before a nice dinner date? The French Quarter is full of candlelit restaurants that you can head to after your session. A photo session can be an easy lead into a romantic evening together.

Eric picks up his coffee cup at the cafe table.
Eric and Lauren hold hands on a bench during their honeymoon photoshoot.

4. Round out your wedding album with your honeymoon memories!

Throughout the wedding process, people often spend money on engagement photos, bridals, and wedding photos. When you have a honeymoon photoshoot, you can round out your wedding album with memories from this lighthearted time. There’s something so intimate about the early days of being newlyweds, and it’s definitely photo-worthy.

Lauren and Eric sit on a bench outside a French Quarter restaurant.
Lauren and Eric stand on the riverwalk with St. Louis Cathedral in the background.
Eric kisses Lauren's cheek beside the Mississippi River.

Are you interested in doing a honeymoon photoshoot in New Orleans? I would love to document this unique part of your wedding celebrations. Reach out to me!

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