about me

On the surface, I love the simple pleasures in life like a good meal, my dogs, and daily morning coffee. However where I thrive is in authentic + meaningful relationships, and a huge part of why I love being a New Orleans elopement photographer is that it allows for me to create strong bonds with the couples I serve. When I show up for your session or wedding day, I want to feel like a trusted friend, rather than a vendor.

My Why

Human connection, experience over production, honest emotion, unscripted moments

My Approach:

I'm still figuring it out myself - how to love and intersect my life with another human. It's a complicated and beautiful journey, but one that I am deeply grateful to be on. 


Being in an interracial relationship paired with complex family backgrounds, planning a wedding in a “one size fits all” industry felt isolating. It was at that point that I knew I wanted to work with folks who felt similarly, and reassure them that while their journey of planning a wedding may be full of complexity, it will still be full of beauty and joy as well.

I felt like our story didn't exactly fit the traditional mold of "love" that the wedding industry feeds us.

When I got married

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My intent is to create work that I feel deeply connected to, and that requires both of us to show up fully. I’ve made it my mission to create a photo experience that honors what we both bring to the table. Whether your story is complex or simple, joy-filled or laced with grief, know that you are welcome here.

Through my images, I want you to feel known and appreciated by documenting real moments that matter. As your New Orleans wedding photographer, it is my priority to show you the beauty and worth of your story this way.

your photos aren't about me,
but they aren't void of me

It's about paying respect to the full experience of what it means to be alive. It’s about honoring the light and the dark, the good times, and the hard ones too. I'm drawn to work with couples who see how profound it is to open yourself to love.

I love working with those who have not only laughed but have cried together and the ones who are acutely aware of how temporary the lives we lead are.

One day, our photographs will be evidence of a life well-lived. It is an honor to preserve a part of your unique existence. 

I believe in telling the truth through my work as a new orleans wedding photographer.


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