I am recently married myself, and I'm still trying to figure out how to love and what it means to intersect my life with another. It's a complicated and beautiful journey, but one that I am deeply grateful to be on, nonetheless. 

I long to work with couples who see how profound it is to open yourself to love - the ones who value creating a strong partnership. I love working with those who have not only laughed but have cried together and the ones who are acutely aware of how temporary the lives we lead are.  I want to work with those who lead a wholehearted existence - not shying away from the light or the dark. 

So that is what I am about - paying homage to the full experience of what it means to being a living, breathing soul… honoring the light and the dark, the good times, and the hard ones too. Our photographs will be evidence one day of a life (hopefully) well-lived and I seriously consider it an honor to preserve a part of your unique existence. 

On a lighter note, I am also all about my dogs, trying new food, not wearing real pants despite the photo to the right, and Crossfit - yes, I am one of those people who finds enjoyment in physical suffering :) 

I also have the privilege of working with an amazing team of second shooters and a designer. Without them I'd certainly be lost :)

meet my team

she had a galaxy in her eye..
a universe in her mind

More than anything, I want my work to be an intimate look into what it means to love - it is beautiful, hard, maddening, quiet, stabilizing all at the same time and I want that to be reflected in my images. You can trust me to learn what your truth is, how you love, and what matters most to you. I promise to come alongside of you and remind you each step of the way that you are worthy of being photographed - I will say it until I am blue in the face: your story is worth being told. With that being said, I won't tell your story for you, gosh I hate when photographers say that.. but 

you  can  trust  me

what i promise:

I will let you tell your own story, and simply put an image to what is already being said. 

Things I love..... 
+ The ocean 
+ Traveling 
+ Over the top, wild florals 
+ Curry of the Indian and Thai variety 
+ My doggos 
+ Living in Lululemon 
+ Crossfit 
+ Bourbon 

Things I feel meh about....
+ Doing the laundry 
+ Staying in one place for too long 
+ Roses
+ Hotdogs 
+ Cats (but I'll still love you if you're a cat person)
+ Business casual clothes 
+ Having to do my hair
+ Wine (I know... I'm weird) 

favorite (and not so favorite) things

some of my 

meet the team 

designer: gerry aka mom

second shooter: joey

I've *literally* known Joey for going on 24 years. To say we are best friends is an understatement.  We lived in the same neighborhood growing up and have made awkward but incredibly hilarious music videos together. Joey primarily serves as my second shooter when I take on Michigan weddings and is my right hand hype man to get those reception shots. 

My lover - my bag carrying, bridesmaid wrangling, bouquet holding, SAINT of a husband and second shooter. Alika first picked up a camera about 3 years ago and has shown a natural talent with shooting portraits that makes even me jealous at times. You'll see Alika with me for any Louisiana & Hawaii weddings, or any weddings requiring significant travel.

I've known Mom since day one. Mom is also a very talented graphic designer specializing in wedding invite suites! I am super excited to be teamed up with Mom to offer my 2020 brides invite suites as a part of their wedding collection! 

second shooter: Alika

meet the folks who keep me sane

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