On the surface, I am a goofball who is fanatical about her dogs, Crossfit and the Michigan Wolverines. Orange tic tacs, Crocs and lululemon leggings are my love language and if I have all three at once I know it will be a good day. I thrive in authentic + meaningful relationships, and a huge part of why I love what I do is that it allows for me to create strong bonds with the couples I serve. When I show up for your session or wedding day, I want to feel like a trusted friend, rather than a vendor.

My Why

About me

Being in an interracial relationship paired with complex family backgrounds, planning a wedding in a “one size fits all” industry felt isolating. It was at that point that I knew I wanted to work with folks who felt similarly, and reassure them that while their journey of planning a wedding may be full of complexity, it will still be full of beauty and joy as well.

I felt like our story didn’t exactly fit the traditional mold of “love” that the wedding industry feeds us.

When I got married