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Photographing Marissa and Michael’s rainy wedding really was such a treat! Their solid preparation and down-to-earth approach meant that their wedding day and photos were incredible regardless of the weather. We also had time to document some of the most special moments of the day on film. 

A blue wedding invitation suite sits on a sienna table.

A Rainy Wedding Day on Film

Marissa and Michael call New Orleans home, but they met in Chicago on a Jewish dating app called JSwipe. JSwipe actually sponsored their wedding and sent them items to incorporate throughout their wedding day. Their rainy wedding was full of joy and celebration but also felt very grounded in a way that I don’t always experience as a New Orleans wedding photographer. It helped that Marissa is one of the most organized clients I’ve ever had the chance to work with!

A wedding dress hangs near a sign that sign that says "Desire" before a New Orleans wedding.
A film wedding photo shows a bride putting on her shoe.
Marissa stands against a white wall in her wedding dress before her rainy wedding.
Marissa stands in front of a hotel elevator door in her boho wedding dress.

Marissa and Michael made some decisions that made their rainy wedding absolutely wonderful. First, even though rain poured for a good portion of the day, Marissa and Michael rolled with it. They decided not to stress what was beyond their control and enjoy everything the day held. Their main priority was getting married. The rest would sort itself out. Their attitude comes across in the intimate, carefree images. 

Black and white images show Marissa posing in her wedding dress before the rainy wedding.
Marissa taps Michael's shoulder for their first look in a New Orleans hotel.
Michael reacts to the first look at the rainy wedding in New Orleans
Marissa embraces Michael before their New Orleans wedding.

When you get married in a subtropical climate like New Orleans, it’s always good to have a rain plan for the ceremony too! Marissa and Michael moved their ceremony inside. It wasn’t what they’d originally hoped for, but a kind of excitement permeated the day. The ceremony photos show that they were no less excited to marry each other inside than under the open sky.

Marissa and Michael exit the getting ready hotel.
Marissa carries the train of her wedding dress as they walk down the wet New Orleans street.
Michael holds their dog's leash on the rainy wedding day.

Finally, Michael and Marissa adjusted their expectations for their rainy wedding photos. They knew we weren’t going to get those images full of golden light. Marissa and Michael trusted that I would create beautiful images regardless of the weather. We embraced the rich colors that the rain brings in a New Orleans spring. The images feel so lush and quiet at the same time. 

Michael and Marissa stand in front of a white building in New Orleans CBD on their rainy wedding day.
Marissa fluffs her wedding dress on the sidewalk.
The couple shows their white and brown wedding shoes.

Marissa and Michael’s Sweet Celebration

For their wedding venue, Marissa and Michael chose The Pavillion of Two Sisters in City Park. The venue is adjacent to the New Orleans Botanical Garden, and the flowers and landscaping are gorgeous. Even at this rainy wedding, we were able to take pictures in the cactus house. The narrow walkway between tangles of succulents feels like a path through another world.

Wedding guests stand outside the Pavilion of Two Sisters.
A wedding table has greenery and candles.
Michael and Marissa pose for wedding portraits in New Orleans Botanical Garden.
Michael and Marissa touch foreheads in the cactus house before their rainy wedding.

Marissa and Michael’s wedding details really embodied the grounded energy of their rainy wedding day. Marissa’s bouquet, as well as those of her wedding party, was mostly made up of dark green fern fronds and lush leaves. Crybaby Floral, who created the bouquets, is known for bold, colorful arrangements. It was cool to see them create something different that felt so right for Marissa and Michael. The tropical greens have so much depth in the film images too.

Marissa leans against Michael at the New Orleans Botanical Garden.
Marissa's bridesmaids gather around her with their wedding bouquets.
Michael and Marissa hold hands during their wedding ceremony in New Orleans.
A relative kisses Marissa's cheek after the wedding ceremony.

The reception included a great dance party. (Would it be a New Orleans wedding without one?) Marissa and Michael also hired a poet to write original poems for guests. I loved this way of commemorating their wedding day. Personalized poems are such a thoughtful favor. Guests can hold it in their hands, put it on their fridges, and remember Marissa and Michael’s romantic rainy wedding. It’s so much more personal than conventional wedding favors.

Marissa wipes away a tear while she talks to friends at her rainy wedding reception.
Michael puts his arm around Marissa's shoulders.
The couple sits in chairs back to back for the horah.
Guests lift the couple for the horah.

Film felt like the perfect way to capture a beautifully imperfect day. In addition to digital photos, I used 35mm film and vintage Polaroids to document Marissa and Michael’s wedding. Film wedding photos have such an emotional quality to them. Because I can’t take unlimited exposures like I can on a digital camera, I try to capture how things feel as opposed to how they look. This approach worked out perfectly with all the surprises of Michael and Marissa’s wedding.

A wedding cake sits in the corner surrounded by wedding photos.
Marissa and Michael get ready to cut the cake at their rainy wedding.
A poet sits outside at a wedding reception in New Orleans.

Photos are meant to be held. Marissa and Michael’s film wedding photos are just the kind of images that I can imagine people holding in their hands. They’ll be able to feel the richness of that day all over again.

The couple dances to music with friends.
Marissa and Michael dance at their rainy wedding reception.

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Thank you to all the vendors who made Marissa and Michael’s wedding possible:

Dress: Unbridaled New Orleans

Venue: Pavilion of the Two Sisters

Florals/Greens: Crybaby Floral

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