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Based in vivid New Orleans, I am a wedding and couples photographer capturing the honest, intimate, and unforgettable moments. I hope you enjoy some of my most recent adventures and stories worth sharing!

I’m Olivia.


Inspiration for Quiet French Quarter Engagement Photos

September 30, 2022

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The French Quarter is a lively, busy neighborhood full of people celebrating at all hours of the day. Despite the crowds, there are some pockets of stillness that are ideal for tender couples photos. On a hot late summer morning, I photographed Caleb and Enrique in some of my favorite spots in the French Quarter. These quiet portraits of Caleb and Enrique are perfect inspiration for French Quarter engagement photos.  

Two men stand close with one putting his arm around the other's shoulders.

Inspiration for French Quarter Engagement Photos

Caleb is one of my oldest friends from college. We’ve been friends for over ten years! I even photographed his sister’s wedding in Hawaii. Caleb recently moved to a new city with Enrique. When they came to New Orleans for our annual meetup, they decided that, even though they’re not engaged, it was a perfect time for a photo session.  

Enrique and Caleb lean against each other under the Pharmacy Museum sign.
An antique Mardi Gras mask sits in the window of the Pharmacy Museum.
Caleb leans against Enrique at the Pharmacy Museum counter in French Quarter engagement photos.

Our original plans for photos on the Algiers ferry were foiled by the very strict no standing policy. It all worked out, though, because Caleb and Enrique were up for photos at my all-time favorite French Quarter wedding venue, the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. I’ve photographed weddings here before, and I never get tired of the quirky artifacts and tropical courtyard. It would be a great spot for French Quarter engagement photos with lots of atmosphere.

Enrique puts his hands on Caleb's shoulders and smiles.
A couple faces the camera inside the Pharmacy Museum for French Quarter engagement photos.
Caleb leans agains the Pharmacy Museum door speaking with Enrique.

The Pharmacy Museum was air conditioned and peaceful. We took our time exploring the museum. It gave me a chance to document the sweeter side of Caleb and Enrique’s relationship. They’re very loving and care for each other in a way that’s genuine, gentle, and real. It’s so evident in these photos.

Two men embrace for French Quarter engagement photos at the Pharmacy Museum.
Enrique and Caleb sit in a French Quarter courtyard.
Enrique kisses Caleb's head beside a palmetto during their French Quarter engagement photos.

The lush courtyard felt Havana-esque with its warm colors and cool shade. It suited Caleb and Enrique well. The plants and stillness made any stress melt away. Little courtyards like this are ideal for French Quarter engagement photos. They feel like stepping through time and remind you that New Orleans is still a Caribbean city in many ways.

A couple smiles at each other in a tropical courtyard.
Caleb walks past Enrique smiling about their French Quarter engagement photos.
Enrique smiles in a brick-walled courtyard surrounded by tropical plants.

Grabbing Beignets at Cafe Du Monde

After we wrapped up at the Pharmacy Museum, we walked over to Cafe Du Monde. The iconic green and white awning and fluffy beignets were irresistible even on a hot day. For people who want a landmark in their French Quarter engagement photos, Cafe Du Monde is a fun location to include. 

A couple crosses a French Quarter street towards Cafe Du Monde.

In the quiet of the Pharmacy Museum, I got to photograph the tender side of Enrique and Caleb’s relationship. They were just as loving at Cafe Du Monde, but they also showed their playful side. There’s something about beignets that makes people feel like a kid again. They laughed and leaned against a shady wall while powdered sugar blew everywhere.

Enrique opens a white paper bag filled with beignets.
Enrique and Caleb laugh as they eat beignets in French Quarter engagement photos.

One of the things people love most about French Quarter engagement photos is all the color. New Orleans is known for colorful houses. The larger buildings in the French Quarter tend to have bright finishes on neutral walls. Cafe Du Monde is a perfect example of the typical neutrals with pops of color. Patina blue frames the windows in the beige walls. The old-fashioned awning adds more charm. 

Caleb and Enrique stand in front of a window framed in blue-green paint.

If you want to take couples photos at Cafe Du Monde, it helps to get there early before the crowds. Enrique and Caleb made the most of a shady sidewalk, but it can be fun to take photos at the tables too. You can see some examples of French Quarter engagement photos at Cafe Du Monde here

A couple eats beignets to celebrate their French Quarter engagement photos.
Caleb laughs and wipes powdered sugar off his face beside Cafe Du Monde.

Although I took many of Caleb and Enrique’s portraits with a digital camera, I also took some Polaroids. I love using film any time, but it’s especially powerful for capturing the authentic connections in quiet moments. There’s always the potential for surprises with film. Sometimes light leaks cause interesting coloration, or some other imperfection shows up. I actually love this aspect of film. It requires intentionality that works well for slow, meandering sessions like Caleb and Enrique’s.

Caleb and Enrique lean against a wall in a Polaroid French Quarter engagement photo.
Polaroid engagement photos show a couple sitting in a courtyard.

Would you like to see more inspiration for New Orleans engagement photos? There are so many creative places to take them off the beaten path in the French Quarter and beyond. Check out my roundup of My Favorite Engagement Photo Locations!

Thank you to the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum for hosting us for Caleb and Enrique’s couples photos!

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