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Based in vivid New Orleans, I am a wedding and couples photographer capturing the honest, intimate, and unforgettable moments. I hope you enjoy some of my most recent adventures and stories worth sharing!

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7 Memorable New Orleans Proposal Locations

September 23, 2022

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A New Orleans proposal is full of romance and charm. Locals and tourists choose to propose to their partners here because of the city’s reputation for combining fun with historic beauty. When you’re picking a place to propose, there are so many options beyond Jackson Square. Think about what’s important to your partner. Are they more private? Do they love the excitement of crowded streets? Do they prefer the city or the country? New Orleans offers unique proposal locations to suit anyone. Here are a few of my favorite places for a New Orleans proposal!

A couple poses in the French Quarter after their New Orleans proposal.

7 Unique Locations for Your New Orleans Proposal

1. City Park

Located in the Midcity neighborhood, City Park is a versatile place to plan a proposal. This sprawling public park includes wooded areas, a manicured lake, and a few iconic landmarks. The footbridge is a popular place for proposals and wedding portraits because it feels like something right out of a fairytale. Spanish moss hangs over the arched stone bridge.  

Pink flowers grow over a bench where a couple sits holding hands.
A man wraps his arms around his fiance after a New Orleans proposal in City Park.

If you want a more modern feel for your proposal, there are plenty of beautiful spots around the New Orleans Museum of Art near the front of the park. The building offers modern, neutral lines. There’s also a colorful sculpture garden that NOMA recently expanded.

A couple holds hands on the stone footbridge in City Park.
A couple stands on the banks of the lake in New Orleans City Park.

2. Fontainebleau State Park

If you’re up for a drive across Lake Pontchartrain, Fontainebleau State Park offers a slice of Southeastern Louisiana’s natural beauty. Cypress trees grow along the banks of the lake which stretches so far that it looks like a small sea. There is a sandy shore and wooded paths. The sunsets over the lake are breathtaking.

A couple walks towards the banks of Lake Pontchartrain.
A couple embraces after their New Orleans proposal at Fontainebleau state park.
Two people smile at each other on a sandy lake shore.
A couple watches the sun set over Lake Pontchartrain.

Fontainebleau State Park is much quieter and private than many New Orleans proposal spots. If you think your partner would prefer a more intimate space for your proposal, this is a great option. The landscape also adds some magic to the experience. 

A woman wears an engagement ring after her New Orleans proposal as she drinks wine.
A person kisses their fiance on the cheek.
A couple cuddles with the lake and cypress trees in the background.
The sun sets purple and orange over Lake Pontchartrain.

3. Your house!

Maybe your partner loves the comforts of home. Proposing at your house can help them be present in the experience without worrying about onlookers. This also makes it easier to include family and friends. After the proposal, it’s easy enough to do photos in another part of the city or on your front porch.

A man and woman celebrate their New Orleans proposal on their front porch.
A couple embraces in front of their blue house.

4. Cafe du Monde

Beignets, anyone? Cafe du Monde is the perfect New Orleans proposal location for partners with a sweet tooth. These fluffy, sugary treats are a New Orleans classic, and the Cafe du Monde building is one of the most iconic in the French Quarter. 

An engaged couple eats beignets out of a white bag at Cafe Du Monde.

Because Cafe du Monde is so crowded, you have to go early to get photos without a lot of people. Another alternative would be to go to the City Park location. Usually, there are fewer people and way more space.

A New Orleans proposal happens at Cafe Du Monde.
A newly engaged couple shares beignets in the French Quarter.

5. The Lakefront

You can enjoy the beauty of Lake Pontchartrain without going all the way to Fontainebleau. Just outside New Orleans city limits, you can find a boat launch surrounded by smooth boulders and patches of wildflowers. It’s quiet, clean, and classically romantic. This is a great spot for a windswept proposal. 

A couple celebrates their New Orleans proposal on the lakefront.
A man and woman wearing denim embrace on boulders on the lakefront.
A man and woman smile and touch foreheads.

6. The Riverfront at Sunset

The Mississippi River rolls through New Orleans. The riverfront is a unique  New Orleans proposal spot that offers a beautiful perspective on the city. The swift muddy waters are an iconic site for good reason. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful sunsets, but the ones on the Mississippi River are some of my favorites!

A man tucks his fiance's hair behind her ear on the New Orleans riverfront.
An engagement ring shines on a woman's finger after a New Orleans proposal.
A couple touches foreheads along the New Orleans riverfront.

One of my favorite places to catch the sunset for photos is actually on the West Bank across the river from the French Quarter. A charming neighborhood called Algiers Point has colorful houses and cozy bars. The levee in Algiers is an ideal place for a sunset proposal. In addition to the warm colors, you’ll get the French Quarter in the background.

A couple runs up a hill laughing.
A man and woman holds hands facing each other during their New Orleans engagement.
The sun sets over the Mississippi River and the French Quarter.

7. French Quarter Streets

If your partner loves high energy environments, the French Quarter is an iconic neighborhood for a proposal. It’s a good place to get photos of the colorful, historic homes that draw people to New Orleans. In the afternoons and evenings, this lively neighborhood feels alive with music and party-goers. It can be a lot of fun! Just be ready for a potential audience for your proposal.  

A man and woman hold hands in front of colorful French Quarter houses.
A mand and woman stand in a shadow in front of a peach-colored New Orleans house.
A couple walks between French Quarter houses after their New Orleans proposal.

Are you looking for a photographer to document your New Orleans proposal? I would love to photograph this joyful moment for you. Reach out to me today!

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