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Based in vivid New Orleans, I am a wedding and couples photographer capturing the honest, intimate, and unforgettable moments. I hope you enjoy some of my most recent adventures and stories worth sharing!

I’m Olivia.


Simple Morning Wedding at Tigermen Den

March 11, 2023

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Do you ever feel like you want to ditch the endless list of events you feel like you’re supposed to have on your wedding day? You can create an experience that looks and feels like you – without a lot of fuss. James and Erin’s morning wedding at Tigermen Den proves that your wedding doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful and meaningful.

A bride and groom stand in the aisle of a new Orleans record shop.

An Intentional Morning Wedding

There are a lot of great reasons to get married in the morning instead of the evening. The energy is light and cheerful. You can condense your getting ready experience and avoid hours in prep if that’s not exciting for you. 

Glitter wedding shoes and a bridal handbag sit on a hardwood floor before a New Orleans wedding.
A bride looks at a wedding dress hanging in a window of a New Orleans house.
A sign outside a New Orleans wedding venue announces Erin and James' wedding.

For more introverted marriers, a morning wedding lets them focus on having a great meal with their people. There’s less pressure to fit in all the events. You have more freedom to create an experience that’s authentic to you.

A bride and groom laugh during their morning wedding at Tigermen Den.
A waffle bar sits on a sideboard for a morning wedding brunch.
Plates of brunch food sit on a wedding reception table.

If you’re having a New Orleans wedding, the difference between morning and evening is really noticeable. The city comes alive at night with bars and music venues. There’s a certain charm in the quiet mornings. Instead of battling crowded streets, you feel a little more like you have this colorful world to yourself.  

Children's drawings show Erin and James in wedding clothes.
On slips of paper, children have written advice for the bride and groom.
James and Erin look at her students' art work.

On a practical level, your morning wedding will be less rushed than an evening packed with all the events. James and Erin created a generous timeline that left plenty of room for everything that mattered to them – good food, great music, and their favorite people. The light was also beautiful from start to finish. Their photos look gorgeous as a result.

A bride and groom sit in Tigermen Den laughing over a meal.
Wedding guests clap during toasts.
Slices of king cake sit on a table at a wedding reception.

Wedding Brunch at the Tigermen Den

Tigermen Den is a great New Orleans wedding venue in the Bywater neighborhood. Originally built in the 1830s as a corner store, the building is full of reclaimed materials and incredible art. When Tigermen Den isn’t hosting events, it serves as an art gallery and recording space. Capacity for standing events is 100, but the space was so dreamy for James and Erin’s intimate morning wedding.

Antique recording equipment sits on a table.
James and Erin watch a guitar player at their morning wedding reception.
A groom sits at a piano with a bride beside a music stand in Tigermen Den.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that feels like New Orleans, Tigermen Den is a great choice. With all the reclaimed materials and the historic architecture, it feels a bit like stepping back in time. It’s still a cozy, approachable space. The little courtyard was an ideal spot for James and Erin’s ceremony and, during the reception, the coffee cart. 

A bride and groom stand beside each other smiling at a morning wedding in a New Orleans wedding venue.
A bride and groom stand on a New Orleans sidewalk.
A bride and groom wear sunglasses outside Tigermen Den.

James and Erin took a very intentional approach to their morning wedding at the Tigermen Den. Their wedding was a perfect example of how you can keep decor simple and meaningful. Erin is an art teacher. She gave her students questionnaires to fill out, and she displayed their answers alongside their artwork. It was such a unique way to bring her passion for teaching art into their wedding day.

Photographing James and Erin’s Tigermen Den wedding was also a treat because they’re both musicians. James plays piano, and Erin is a vocalist. They actually met at Berklee College of Music. After brunch, they performed together. It was such a romantic moment. I love the intimacy of the photo of James at the piano and Erin laughing behind the music stand. It really feels like a window into their life together.

A bride and groom pose for a New Orleans wedding photographer in front of a yellow building.

James and Erin’s Relaxed Wedding Day

Erin and James had the most relaxed wedding day at Tigermen Den. Since it was early, they served brunch. The food was absolutely incredible, and the coffee was just as good. It created such a cozy atmosphere for people to connect and relax instead of worrying about what was next on the timeline.

A bride and groom sit outside a New Orleans coffee shop.
A bride poses in the Bywater for New Orleans wedding photos.
James wraps his arms around Erin's waist and kisses her cheek.

The day was light-hearted and easygoing. It was ideal for me to get creative while taking their wedding portraits. After brunch, I spent an hour and a half with Erin and James, walking around the Bywater. We explored Euclid Records, a local favorite, and stopped at a neighborhood coffee shop. The bridal portraits of Erin are some of my favorites!

A bride and groom pose in the morning light in New Orleans' Bywater neighbor.
Wedding Polaroid photos lay on a table in a new Orleans wedding venue.

Would you like to see more wedding photos from Tigermen Den? Check out this whimsical Tigermen Den wedding!

Thank you to the vendors who made this morning wedding unforgettable:
Venue: Tigermen Den
Catering: Rosemary & Roux
Coffee Cart: Cherrybomb Coffee Co.
Music: Hunter Burgamy
Guest Book: After the Tone
King Cake: Bywater Bakery
Nails: Lab & Lounge 
Dress: by Ceriti, purchased at Glo Bridal

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