Creative Engagement Photoshoot in the French Quarter


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For Omar and Anastasia’s creative engagement photoshoot, I brought them to my favorite spots in New Orleans’ French Quarter. We played with the light, color, and architecture on the quiet streets. The result was a beautiful mix of 35mm film, Polaroid, and digital engagement photos.

A man and woman stand in front of a brown French Quarter building in a patch of sun for a creative engagement photoshoot.

A Creative Engagement Photoshoot

The late afternoon and early evening are great times for a creative engagement photoshoot in the French Quarter. So many types of light are available. Bold patches of direct light break up shadows. More diffuse light gives photos a softer feeling. I’ve really been loving the dappled shadows cast by the trees lining the French Quarter streets. The wide open space of the levee is perfect for romantic golden hour moments.

Omar and Anastasia embrace beside a yellow building in New Orleans.
A woman throws her arm around a man's neck laughing in a New Orleans engagement photo.
A man and woman stand in dappled light in front of a yellow building for a creative engagement photoshoot.

The historic French Quarter architecture is part of what makes it possible to have such a creative engagement photoshoot. Ironwork balconies, wooden shutters, and potted plants layer over the cottages. This neighborhood is full of interesting angles and beautiful streets. 

Omar and Anastasia pose in front of an orange and green French Quarter building with a solar flare bisecting the film engagement photo.
Polaroid engagement photos show Omar kissing Anastasia on the cheek.
Omar and Anastasia hold hands in a French Quarter street.
An engaged couple stands under a balcony in New Orleans' French Quarter.

New Orleans is famous for its colorful houses, and the French Quarter is no exception. During Omar and Anastasia’s engagement session, we walked past buildings in every combination of pink, green, blue, yellow, and orange. These vibrant backdrops brought such great variety to this session.

Omar kisses Anastasia on the cheek on a sidewalk.
An engaged couple stands in front of a historic New Orleans home holding hands.
A woman holds a man's hand as they look across a street.
A bicyclist passes a couple on a New Orleans sidewalk during a creative engagement photoshoot.

The French Quarter on Film and Digital

For their engagement session, Omar and Anastasia opted for a full film session. I primarily photographed on 35mm film and Polaroids. If you know me, you know how much I love film. It’s emotional and authentic. Even the imperfections of an unedited film photo feel meaningful because they give you a sense of what it’s really like to be in that moment. Film does a great job of portraying the nostalgic feeling of the French Quarter with its colonial architecture and tropical plants.

An engaged couple walks through a shadow on a French Quarter sidewalk.
A man and woman cuddle beside a brown building.
A man and woman stand in the sunshine in front of a pink and blue French Quarter house.

When my clients choose full film sessions, I photograph digital as a backup as well. I’ve noticed that film sessions like this creative engagement photoshoot are producing some of my best digital work.I think it’s because my approach to the session is very different when it’s primarily on film. In Anastasia and Omar’s session, the digital photos really do the bright colors of the French Quarter justice. 

Omar kisses Anastasia's cheek while she laughs.
An engaged couple presses their foreheads together in front of a balcony restaurant in New Orleans during a creative engagement photoshoot.
Omar and Anastasia walk past a house decorated with Mardi Gras masks in the windows.

I love any chance I get to photograph couples in the French Quarter. It’s the perfect setting for every stage of your engagement and wedding celebrations. If you want to see more film and digital photos in the Quarter, check out these blog posts too:

A man and woman embrace with a palm frond arching behind them.
An engaged couple stands on the sidewalk in New Orleans' French Quarter during a creative engagement photoshoot.
Omar and Anastasia walk under a balcony decorated with Mardi Gras beads.

Omar and Anastasia’s Engagement

I feel really lucky that I have clients I really enjoy spending time with, and Omar and Anastasia were no exception. Their creative engagement photoshoot was so much fun for me. They bring a joyful feeling everywhere with them. They’re very natural together, and it shows in their photos.

Omar and Anastasia walk down a French Quarter street at sunset.
Omar and Anastasia stand on the levee overlooking the Mississippi River.
Omar hugs Anastasia from behind and kisses her cheek during a creative engagement photoshoot.

Both Omar and Anastasia are doctors. They’re originally from California but have been living in New Orleans for a while now. Both are unique individuals with a lot of depth to their individual and collective stories. Their love for New Orleans is infectious. Even though they’re getting married in California, they wanted to honor their time here with a creative engagement photoshoot.

Omar and Anastasia pose for Polaroid engagement photos.
An engaged couple sits together on the levee in New Orleans with the bridge in the background.
Anastasia puts a hand over Omar's showing her engagement ring.

I met up with Omar and Anastasia at MRB, my favorite French Quarter bar. We grabbed some snacks, and I could have stayed there for hours. They were that easy to talk to. The time spent together before bringing the camera out made photographing that much more comfortable for everyone. 

A ship passes by while Omar and Anastasia sit on the levee for New Orleans engagement photos.
The sun sets over the Mississippi as an engaged couple sits by the river.
Polaroid photos show an engaged couple standing on the New Orleans levee at sunset.

Then we walked around the outskirts of the French Quarter to some of my favorite spots. The busy heart of the French Quarter has its own appeal, but I really like photographing in the quieter spots. It gives couples a little more space to breathe and be present with each other. You also end up with fewer passersby in the photos. A few here and there (like the bicyclist riding through one of these photos) gives you a sense of the setting, but it is nice to have a quieter experience. 

Omar dips Anastasia with the blue sky behind them.
Anastasia leans on Omar as they walk along the levee in a creative engagement photoshoot.

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