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The French Quarter has so many wedding venues, but there’s something special about Latrobe’s. Larissa and Jack’s destination wedding at Latrobe’s New Orleans artistically blended old and new for an editorial experience. Their wedding photos, especially the Polaroids, convey the tender emotions at the center of this creative wedding day.

A bride smiles as she walks down the aisle at Latrobe's New Orleans.

A Latrobe’s New Orleans Wedding

Latrobe’s New Orleans is a historic wedding venue in the French Quarter. The creamy yellow exterior with white trim gives you a sense of the joyful moments preserved in its walls. It’s a quintessential mix of French Quarter architectural details with a balcony and windows bracketed by green shutters.

A beaded wedding dress hangs in the window of a New Orleans wedding venue.
A bride in a beaded wedding dress poses for a Polaroid wedding photo.

Inside Latrobe’s feels just as New Orleans. The weathered walls have a romantic patina. Many marriers choose to have their ceremony by candlelight. The chandeliers and vintage sconces make you feel like you’re stepping back in time. After the ceremony, guests enjoy dinner in a spacious domed room. Even the tightly winding staircase is a cool spot for photos.

A family member fastens a bride's wedding cape beside a window.
A bride in a beaded wedding dress stands beside a window for a New Orleans wedding photographer.

As New Orleans wedding venues go, Latrobe’s is pretty inclusive. They include on-site catering and basic furniture and linens in the rental fee. For a 150-guest wedding, a Latrobe’s New Orleans wedding costs on average $18,500. 

A New Orleans bride laughs and looks over her shoulder.
A Polaroid wedding photo shows the exterior of Latrobe's New Orleans.

A French Quarter Wedding Venue

If you want your wedding to feel like New Orleans, Latrobe’s really is a great venue. Aside from the aesthetics, the location can’t be beat. Located right in the middle of the French Quarter, Latrobe’s is just three blocks from Canal Street and its iconic street car. Out of town guests have their choice of hotels and restaurants in the French Quarter. Locals, too, will have an easy time finding it and enjoying themselves. 

Pillar candles decorate wedding reception table inside Latrobe's New Orleans.
A New Orleans bride carries a unique bridal bouquet.

Aside from convenience for guests, having a French Quarter wedding means you can have a second line through the enchanting streets. There’s something magical about dancing through the streets with a brass band right after you say “I do.” Guests always love this very New Orleans tradition, especially if it’s their first time visiting the city.

Pillar candles sit beside a floral installation with Spanish moss inside Latrobe's New Orleans.
A wedding officiant reads from a paper at a Latrobe's wedding.

Latrobe’s has a cool origin story, too. Renowned architect Benjamin Latrobe is best known for designing the U.S. Capital. In the early nineteenth century, he also designed Latrobe’s as a bank. The original stonework and domed ceilings give your wedding a sense of history.

A bride wipes tears from a groom's face during their wedding ceremony in a French Quarter wedding venue.
A bride and groom cross a French Quarter street towards Latrobe's New Orleans.

An Editorial Twist on a Vintage Venue

Because Latrobe’s New Orleans is in a historic French Quarter building, it’s easy to fall into a very traditional aesthetic. Larissa and Jack went in the opposite direction. They used modern details to create an edgy, editorial experience. The result was romantic and very different from what you often see in this New Orleans wedding venue.

A bride sits beside a groom as they pose for a New Orleans wedding photographer in a Polaroid wedding photo.
Wedding guests eat dinner inside a domed room in Latrobe's New Orleans.

To achieve this, Larissa and Jack took an artistic approach to their decor. Elegant white pillar candles sat among installations of Spanish moss and dark, moody plants. You get a strong sense of place. It’s indisputably New Orleans! But it also has a refinement to it. 

A stack of Polaroid wedding photos is scattered around candles on a table at Latrobe's New Orleans.
A groom leads a bride onto the dance floor at a New Orleans wedding.

Jack and Larissa chose very modern outfits for their Latrobe’s New Orleans wedding, too. Jack wore a classic tux. Larissa looked runway-ready with her fringed cape and beaded dress. The mix of vintage details with the modern silhouette felt so polished and unique. It fit in perfectly at Latrobe’s.

A bride stands beside a groom seated on a vintage couch in a New Orleans wedding venue.
A bride and groom dance through their reception.

Polaroid Wedding Photos for Larissa and Jack

When people put so much effort into creating an editorial wedding experience, they deserve for that to be preserved with intentional photos. Larissa and Jack’s Latrobe’s New Orleans wedding was made for film photography. Film wedding photography has the same feeling of vintage meets modern. It’s intentional, artistic, and honest. 

A bride dances at her Latrobe's wedding reception.
A bride and groom lean towards each other on the dance floor.

I especially love the Polaroid photos from this wedding. Most of them are candid but lean editorial because of the nature of the decor and clothes. The photo of Larissa tossing her head back while she smokes a cigarette is magazine-worthy. It’s so different from the wedding photos you typically see at this venue.

A groom poses for a wedding portrait in front of a brick wall at Latrobe's New Orleans.

Polaroid wedding photos are one of my signature services. Would you like to see more New Orleans wedding photos on 35mm and Polaroid film? Check out this Riverview Room wedding!

A bride and groom kiss surrounded by candles in a Polaroid wedding photo inside Latrobe's New Orleans.

Are you interested in having me photograph your wedding? I’m a New Orleans wedding photographer. I preserve emotive experiences on digital, film, and Super 8. Inquire with me here.

Thanks to the Coral Dove Studio for inviting me to second photograph this stunning wedding.

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