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Two brides dance in front of a New Orleans second line at their wedding.
Polaroid wedding photos sit beside a floral arrangement.
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It’s one of those questions you might not think about until you’re waist deep in wedding planning: Should you tip your wedding photographer? I’m here to share my insight as a wedding photographer including all the meaningful ways you can show appreciation beyond extra cash. Should you tip your wedding photographer? Speaking for myself, I […]

New Orleans second line parade at a wedding
The best instant film camera sits on a stack of Polaroids
wedding in New Orleans with first look
wedding on weekday uptown New Orleans
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Have you ever considered having your wedding on a weekday? Weekday weddings come with a lot of perks, including greater vendor availability and fewer crowds in ideal photo locations. Katie and Mike took advantage of this for their Wednesday wedding at Restaurant August. It was a simple but beautiful day that highlighted what they cared […]

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